Ultimate raking


Two-way rake is a new innovation that revolutionizes raking. You can also push leaves, not only pull as with traditional rakes.

With the two-way rake you can rake like you have used to and you can also push leaves away. Pushing is a very effective way to rake. You will find that it is easier on your back and very effective for example in pushing a pile of leaves. There is also an innovative handle that helps you to push leaves. The two-way rake makes your raking more efficient, more convenient and more fun!

Internationally patented

Designed and manufactured in Finland

Pushing Technique

When you push the rake your posture is lower than when you pull the rake.


You can push with either your hands or you can utilize your full body

Pushing posture reminds snow clearing

From the handle you get good grip

Available in all Bauhaus, Motonet, K-rauta, Puuilo, Kärkkäinen and Hankkija stores in Finland

Muhevainen Helsinki: Kontula and Pirkkola

Flör Turku: Peltola